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Here are some hints for a successful search on spokensanskrit.org:

1. Search for the first part of a word only:
Instead of search for
kaaryantaram karyanta
sarvikaya sarvika
nitambam nitamb
REASON: By design, the system will find all words beginning with the search phrase. Thus your chance of finding the word you look for, even if the word is not written correctly, increases when you shorten the input.

2. If you want to search for the exact word, not for words beginning with that phrase:
Instead of . search for
rain rain#
tyaj tyaj#
yava yava#

3. Always search for one word only:
Instead of . search for
It is located at located
Good+morning! morning
a cat cat
as well as well
maid servant servant
REASON: In the current version, only single search phrases are processed. In case you look for translations of combined phrases, choose one of the main words.
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