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मध्यम adj. madhyama being in the middle
मध्यम adj. madhyama intermediate
मध्यम adj. madhyama middle
मध्यम n. madhyama waist
माध्यम n. mAdhyama media
माध्यम n. mAdhyama medium
माध्यम n. mAdhyama interface [computer]
माध्यमनिवह m. mAdhyamanivaha multimedia [computer]
माध्यमसमूह m. mAdhyamasamUha multimedia [computer]
मध्यमस्तरीय adj. madhyamastarIya mediocre
मध्यमसङ्गणक n. madhyamasaGgaNaka minicomputer [computer]
माध्यमसमुच्चय m. mAdhyamasamuccaya multimedia [computer]
मध्यम adj. madhyama relating to the meridian
मध्यम adj. madhyama central
मध्यम adj. madhyama moderate
मध्यम adj. madhyama middle-born
माध्यम adj. mAdhyama relating to the middle
माध्यम adj. mAdhyama central
माध्यम adj. mAdhyama middle-born
मध्यम adj. madhyama standing between two persons or parties
मध्यम adj. madhyama middling
मध्यम adj. madhyama of a middle kind or size or quality
मध्यम adj. madhyama middlemost
मध्यम adj. madhyama impartial
माध्यम adj. mAdhyama middlemost
मध्यम adj. madhyama being or placed in the middle
मध्यमा f. madhyamA womb
मध्यमा f. madhyamA middle-finger
मध्यम m. madhyama middlemost of the 3 scales
मध्यम m. madhyama kind of metre
मध्यम m. madhyama girl arrived at puberty
मध्यम m. madhyama middlemost prince
मध्यम m. madhyama governor of a province
मध्यम m. madhyama 2nd person
मध्यम m. madhyama central blossom
मध्यम m. madhyama 4th or 5th note
मध्यम m. madhyama midland country
मध्यम m. madhyama middle character in plays
मध्यम m. madhyama class of gods
मध्यम m. madhyama pericarp of a lotus
मध्यम m. madhyama kind of antelope
मध्यम m. madhyama midnight
मध्यम m. madhyama middle finger
मध्यम n. madhyama mediocrity
मध्यम n. madhyama middle of the body
मध्यम n. madhyama meridian ecliptic point
मध्यम n. madhyama defectiveness
मद्यमय adj. madyamaya consisting of intoxicating liquors
मध्यमक adj. madhyamaka common
मध्यमक adj. madhyamaka middlemost
माध्यमक adj. mAdhyamaka relating to the middle region
मध्यमक m. n. madhyamaka absolute middle of st.
मध्यमक n. madhyamaka interior of anything
मध्यमणि m. madhyamaNi central or principal gem of a necklace
मध्यमशी m. madhyamazI intercessor
मध्यमशी m. madhyamazI lying or being in the middle
मद्यमण्ड m. madyamaNDa barm
मद्यमण्ड m. madyamaNDa froth
मद्यमण्ड m. madyamaNDa yeast
मध्यमवाह् adj. madhyamavAh driving at middling or slow speed
मध्यमागम m. madhyamAgama one of the 4Agamas
मध्यमगति f. madhyamagati mean motion of a planet
मध्यमजात adj. madhyamajAta middlemost
मध्यमजात adj. madhyamajAta born between
मध्यमजात adj. madhyamajAta middle-born
मध्यमलोक m. madhyamaloka earth
मध्यमलोक m. madhyamaloka middle world
मध्यमपद n. madhyamapada middle number
मध्यमस्था adj. madhyamasthA forming the centre
मध्यमस्था adj. madhyamasthA standing in the middle
मध्यमस्थ adj. madhyamastha standing or being in the middle
मध्यमयान n. madhyamayAna middle passage
मध्यमयान n. madhyamayAna middle way to salvation
मध्यमाङ्गुलि m. madhyamAGguli middle finger
मध्यमग्राम m. madhyamagrAma middle scale
मध्यमकक्षा f. madhyamakakSA middle enclosure or courtyard
मध्यमन्दिर n. madhyamandira vagina and anus
मध्यमपर्ण n. madhyamaparNa middle-sized leaf
मध्यमरात्र m. madhyamarAtra midnight
मध्यमरेखा f. madhyamarekhA central meridian of the earth
मध्यमस्वर adj. madhyamasvara spoken in a middle tone
मध्यमस्वर m. madhyamasvara middle or dominant note
मध्यमात्रेय m. madhyamAtreya middle sized Atreya
मध्यमवयस् n. madhyamavayas middle age
मध्यमाङ्गिरस् m. madhyamAGgiras middle-sized aGgiras
मध्यमाहरण n. madhyamAharaNa elimination of the middle term of an equation
मध्यमखण्ड n. madhyamakhaNDa middle term of an equation
मध्यमपुरुष m. madhyamapuruSa termination of the second person
मध्यमपूरुष m. madhyamapUruSa mediocre person
मध्यमपुरुष m. madhyamapuruSa second person in verbal conjugation
मध्यमसाहस m. madhyamasAhasa middlemost penalty or amercement
मध्यमसाहस m. madhyamasAhasa punishment for crimes of a middle degree
मध्यमसाहस m.n. madhyamasAhasa violence or outrage of the middle class
मध्यमस्थेय n. madhyamastheya state of standing in the middle or forming the centre
मद्यमवयस्क adj. madyamavayaska of middle age
मध्यमभृतक m. madhyamabhRtaka husbandman
मध्यमभृतक m. madhyamabhRtaka farm-labourer who works both for his master and himself
मध्यमलोकेन्दु m. madhyamalokendu king
मध्यमलोकेन्दु m. madhyamalokendu moon of the middle world
मध्यमपाण्डव m. madhyamapANDava arjuna
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