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स्वाध्याय adj. svAdhyAya studying the veda
स्वाध्याय adj. svAdhyAya recite
स्वाध्याय adj. svAdhyAya to study
स्वाध्याय adj. svAdhyAya read to
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya recitation or perusal of any sacred texts
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya self-study
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya reciting or repeating or rehearsing to one's self
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya veda
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya day on which sacred recitation is resumed after its suspension
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya repetition of Veda in low voice
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya repeating the veda aloud
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya reciting to oneself
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya repetition or recitation of the veda in a low voice to one's self
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya repeating to oneself
स्वाध्यायन m. svAdhyAyana his family
स्वाध्यायति verb svAdhyAyati recite
स्वाध्यायवत् m. svAdhyAyavat repeater or student of the veda
स्वाध्यायधृक् adj. svAdhyAyadhRk one who repeats or recites the veda
स्वाध्यायनिका f. svAdhyAyanikA certain portion of a sacred work or sacred texts which have to be repeated or studied
स्वाध्यायायार्थिन् m. svAdhyAyAyArthin one who seeks a maintenance for himself during his studentship
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