Why ads on spokensanskrit.org?

Q: How is spokensanskrit.org related to spokensanskrit.de ?
A: spokensanskrit.org has the same content and is made by the same people as spokensanskrit.de . Since the new Version 2, the URL of the website has been 'internationalized' to spokensanskrit.org
Q: Why are some entries in the result list displayed in RED?
A: By and large, this indicates the highlighted word belongs to conversational language, i.e, to Spoken Sanskrit. Words which are not highlighted in red appear predominantly in classical literature and are commonly not used in the day-to-day conversations.
Q: Can I translate whole sentences?
A: No, this is a dictionary for single words and expressions. So do not search for "Good morning!" or "Good+morning!" but instead just for "morning". The result list will also contain the entry for "Good morning!".
Q: Is there an offline version of spokenSanskrit.org dictionary that I can download?
A: Not yet.
Q: What if I detect a wrong entry? Or want an answer to another question?
A: Write to info(at)spokensanskrit.org
Q: Is spokensanskrit.org a commercial product?
A: No, this dictionary is maintained by volunteers.