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उदय m. udaya rise of the sun
उदय m. udaya rise [sun, stars]
उदय m. udaya ascent [sun, stars]
उदय m. udaya orient sine
उदय m. udaya success
उदय m. udaya creation
उदय m. udaya rising
उदय m. udaya income
उदय m. udaya following word
उदय m. udaya coming forth
उदय m. udaya appearance
उदय m. udaya prosperity
उदय m. udaya conclusion
उदय m. udaya swelling up
उदय m. udaya revenue
उदय m. udaya subsequent sound
उदय m. udaya becoming visible
उदय m. udaya good fortune
उदय m. udaya result
उदय m. udaya coming up
उदय m. udaya interest
उदय m. udaya reaching one's aim
उदय m. udaya development
उदय m. udaya profit
उदाय m. udAya emerging
उदय m. udaya consequence
उदय m. udaya eastern mountain
उदय m. udaya first lunar mansion
उदय m. udaya sunrise
उदय m. udaya elevation
उदय m. udaya production
उदय m. udaya going up
उदय m. udaya advantage
उदाय m. udAya coming forward
उदय m. udaya that which follows
उदय m. udaya going out
उदयन n. udayana means of redemption
उदयन n. udayana outcome
उदयन n. udayana rise
उदयन n. udayana result
उदयन n. udayana way out
उदयन n. udayana rising [sun]
उदयन n. udayana conclusion
उदयन n. udayana outlet
उदयन n. udayana end
उदयन n. udayana exit
उदायाति verb udAyAti { udAyA } go up to
उदयज्या f. udayajyA orient sine
उदयान्त adj. udayAnta ending with sunrise
उदयवत् adj. udayavat risen
उदयगिरि m. udayagiri eastern mountain
उदयनीय adj. udayanIya belonging to an end or conclusion
उदयनीय adj. udayanIya finishing
उदयराशि m. udayarAzi constellation in which a planet is seen when on the horizon
उदयर्क्ष n. udayarkSa lunar mansion in which a star rises heliacally
उदयतट m. udayataTa slope of the eastern mountain
उदयनतस् ind. udayanatas finally
उदयान्तर n. udayAntara particular correction for calculating the real time of a planet's rising
उदयप्राण m. udayaprANa particular measure of time
उदायच्छति verb udAyacchati { udAyam } get off
उदायच्छति verb udAyacchati { udAyam } show
उदायच्छति verb udAyacchati { udAyam } bring out
उदायच्छति verb udAyacchati { udAyam } exhibit
उदायच्छति verb udAyacchati { udAyam } fetch out
उदायच्छति verb udAyacchati { udAyam } make known
उदायच्छति verb udAyacchati { udAyam } get fetch out
उदयप्रस्थ m. udayaprastha plateau of the eastern mountain
उदयास्तमय m. udayAstamaya rising and setting
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