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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
चरम adj. carama final
चरम adj. carama last
चरम adj. carama ultimate
चरम m. carama lowest
चरम m. carama at last
चरम m. carama outermost
चरम m. carama at the end
चरम m. carama particular high number
चरम m. carama later
चरम m. carama western
चरम m. carama least
चरम m. carama after any one
चरमम् ind. caramam last
चरमाजा f. caramAjA last or smallest she-goat
चरमतस् ind. caramatas at the outermost end
चरमकाल m. caramakAla hour of death
चरमकाल m. caramakAla last moments
चरमवयस् adj. caramavayas being in the last stage of life
चरमवयस् adj. caramavayas old
चरमावस्था f. caramAvasthA last state
चरमभविक adj. caramabhavika being in the last earthly state
चरमक्ष्माभृत् m. caramakSmAbhRt western mountain
चरमशैर्षिक adj. caramazairSika having the points turned towards the west