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वेरट m. veraTa low man or one of mixed caste
वेरट n. veraTa fruit of the jujube
वैराट adj. vairATa relating or belonging to virATa
वैरता f. vairatA enmity
वैरता f. vairatA hostility
वैराट m. vairATa particular colour or an object of a particular colour
वैराट m. vairATa earth-worm
वैराट m. vairATa lady-bird
वैराट m. vairATa kind of precious stone
वैराटक n. vairATaka kind of poisonous bulbous plant
वैरातङ्क m. vairAtaGka Arunja tree [Terminalia Arunja - Bot.]
वैराटदेश m. vairATadeza country vairATa
वैराटराज m. vairATarAja king of vairATa
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