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सान्तर adj. sAntara open in texture
सान्तर adj. sAntara having an interval or interstices
सान्तर adj. sAntara having an intervening clause or appendix
सान्तर adj. sAntara mixed or mingled with others
सान्तर adj. sAntara not close or compact
सान्तर adj. sAntara different
सन्तार m. santAra crossing
सन्तार m. santAra passing over or through
सन्तरम् ind. santaram more together
सन्थर m. santhara suicide by fasting [Jaina religious practice]
सन्तारक adj. santAraka conveying or helping over
सान्तराल adj. sAntarAla having an interval
सान्तराल adj. sAntarAla together with the intermediate or mixed
सन्तरण adj. santaraNa bringing out of
सन्तरण adj. santaraNa conveying over or across
सन्तरण n. santaraNa act of crossing over or passing through
सन्तरति verb santarati { saMtRR } bring safely over
सन्तरति verb santarati { saMtRR } save
सन्तरति verb santarati { saMtRR } cross or traverse together
सन्तरति verb santarati { saMtRR } escape or be rescued from
सन्तरति verb santarati { saMtRR } pass through
सन्तरति verb santarati { saMtRR } rescue
सान्तराय adj. sAntarAya separated by an interval of time from
शान्तरस m. zAntarasa sentiment of quietism or tranquillity
शान्तरव adj. zAntarava uttering auspicious sounds
शान्तरय adj. zAntaraya slackened in speed
शान्तरजस् adj. zAntarajas dustless or passionless
शान्तरश्मि adj. zAntarazmi one whose rays are extinguished or dimmed
सन्तारयति verb caus. santArayati { saMtRR } cause to pass over
सन्तारयति verb caus. santArayati { saMtRR } save or preserve from
सान्तरप्लुत n. sAntarapluta manner of jumping
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