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सम्बार m. sambAra spices
सम्भार m. sambhAra collecting
सम्भार m. sambhAra carriage [Anfuhr]
सम्भार m. sambhAra errand
सम्भार m. sambhAra procurement
सम्भार m. sambhAra bringing together
सम्भार m. sambhAra storage [computer]
सम्भार-यान n. sambhAra-yAna baggage car [railway]
इष्टकातथा - संभार m. iSTakAtathA - saMbhAra block and tackle
शाम्बर adj. zAmbara coming from the deer called zambara
शाम्बर adj. zAmbara relating or belonging or peculiar to zambara
शम्बर f. zambara sorcery
शम्बर f. zambara magic
शम्बर m. zambara kind of deer
शम्बर m. zambara excellent
शम्बर m. zambara mountain in general or a particular mountain
शम्बर m. zambara fish or a kind of fish
शम्बर m. zambara war
शम्बर m. zambara Arunja tree [Terminalia Arunja - Bot.]
शम्बर m. zambara cloud
शम्बर m. zambara weapon on
शम्बर m. zambara lotus bark tree [Symplocos racemosa - Bot.]
शम्बर m. zambara fight
शम्बर m. zambara best
शम्बर n. zambara any vow or a particular vow
शम्बर n. zambara water
शम्बर n. zambara might
शाम्बर n. zAmbara fight with zambara
शाम्बर n. zAmbara kind of sandal
शम्बर n. zambara wealth
शम्बर n. zambara fastnesses of zambara
शम्बर n. zambara power
सम्भर adj. sambhara bestower
सम्भर adj. sambhara one who brings together
सम्भर adj. sambhara supporter
सम्भार m. sambhAra equipment
सम्भार m. sambhAra preparation
सम्भार m. sambhAra wealth
सम्भार m. sambhAra collection of things required for any purpose
सम्भार m. sambhAra number
सम्भार m. sambhAra high degree
सम्भार m. sambhAra support
सम्भार m. sambhAra materials
सम्भार m. sambhAra nourishment
सम्भार m. sambhAra fullness
सम्भार m. sambhAra requisite
सम्भार m. sambhAra necessaries
सम्भार m. sambhAra multitude
सम्भार m. sambhAra excess of
सम्भार m. sambhAra quantity
सम्भार m. sambhAra provision
सम्भार m. sambhAra requisites
सम्भार m. sambhAra maintenance
सम्भार m. sambhAra completeness
सम्भार m. sambhAra preparation
सम्भार m. sambhAra property
साम्भर n. sAmbhara kind of salt
शम्बरारि m. zambarAri enemy of sambara
सम्भरण m. sambharaNa kind of brick
सम्भरण n. sambharaNa mass
सम्भरण n. sambharaNa putting together
सम्भरण n. sambharaNa composition
सम्भरण n. sambharaNa preparation
सम्भरण n. sambharaNa collection
सम्भरण n. sambharaNa multitude
सम्भरण n. sambharaNa arrangement
सम्भरणी f. sambharaNI particular soma-vessel
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } procure
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } compose
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } offer
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } bring together
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } roll or fold up
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } draw together
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } pay back
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } cherish
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } unite
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } gather
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } prepare
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } close
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } maintain
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } present
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } collect
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } make ready
सम्भरते verb sambharate { sambhR } arrange
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } draw together
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } pay back
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } cherish
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } unite
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } gather
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } prepare
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } close
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } maintain
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } present
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } collect
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } make ready
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } arrange
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } procure
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } compose
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } offer
सम्भरति verb sambharati { sambhR } bring together
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