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पञ्चदशदिनाङ्के कः वासरः? sent. paJcadazadinAGke kaH vAsaraH? Which / What day is 15th?
पञ्चदशम adj. paJcadazama 15th
पञ्चदश adj. paJcadaza 15th
पञ्चदशी f. paJcadazI 15th day of a half month
कूर्मपुराण n. kUrmapurANa 15th of the eighteen purANas
पाञ्चदश adj. pAJcadaza relating to the 15th day of a month
पक्षान्त m. pakSAnta last or 15th tithi of either half month
मदनध्वजा f. madanadhvajA 15th day in the light half of the month caitra
पर्वसन्धि m. parvasandhi junction of the 15th and 1st of a lunar fortnight
मार्गशीर्ष f. mArgazIrSa 15th day of the first half of the month mArgazIrSa
शङ्कुमूली f. zaGkumUlI 15th day of the light half of the month mArga-zIrSa
भीष्मपञ्चक n. bhISmapaJcaka 5 days from the 11th to the 15th in the light half of the month kArttika
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