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षोडशभाग m. SoDazabhAga 16th part
षोडशाक्षर n. SoDazAkSara 16th syllable
ज्येष्ठघ्नी f. jyeSThaghnI 16th lunar mansion
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA 16th lunar mansion
राजकला f. rAjakalA 16th part of the moon's disk
नारसिंह m. nArasiMha 16th kalpa or period of the world
पोगण्ड m. pogaNDa one from his 5th to his 16th year
साङ्घातिक n. sAGghAtika 16th nakSatra after the janmarkSa
षोडशी f. SoDazI having the length of the 16th of a man
पौगण्ड n. paugaNDa period lasting from the 5th to the 16th year
चित्रभानु adj. citrabhAnu the 16th year in the 60 years' cycle of Jupiter
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