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द्वितीया f. dvitIyA accusative [2nd vibhakti - Grammar]
द्वितीया f. dvitIyA 2nd case
त्रेता f. tretA 2nd yuga
मध्यम m. madhyama 2nd person
धनस्थान n. dhanasthAna 2nd mansion
ra 2nd semivowel
द्वितीय m. dvitIya 2nd in a family
द्विपृष्ठ m. dvipRSTha 2nd black vAsudeva
द्वितीयत्रिफला f. dvitIyatriphalA 2nd set of 3 fruits
द्वितीयक adj. dvitIyaka happening the 2nd time
द्विक adj. dvika happening the 2nd time
द्वितीया f. dvitIyA 2nd day of a half-month
घन m. ghana foetus in the 2nd month
भोगवती f. bhogavatI night of the 2nd lunar day
तद्द्वितीय adj. taddvitIya doing that for the 2nd time
प्रत्यक्षता f. pratyakSatA addressing in the 2nd person
प्रत्यक्षत्व n. pratyakSatva addressing in the 2nd person
युष्मद् pron. yuSmad base of the 2nd person pronoun
द्वितीयिन् adj. dvitIyin standing in the 2nd place or rank
ca 1st of the 2nd class of consonants
गृहमेधिन् m. gRhamedhin Brahman in the 2nd period of his life
द्वितीयाचन्द्र m. dvitIyAcandra moon of the 2nd day of the half-month
चतुर्थफल n. caturthaphala 2nd inequality or equation of a planet
द्वितीयवयस् adj. dvitIyavayas having arrived at the 2nd period of life
द्वितीय adj. dvitIya forming the 2nd part or half of anything
द्विधूर्वह m. dvidhUrvaha draught-ox carrying loads in the 2nd year
वैश्वदेव m. vaizvadeva 8th day of the 2nd half of the month mAgha
द्वितीय m. dvitIya 2nd letter of a varga i.e. the surd aspirate
गृहस्थ m. gRhastha Brahman in the 2nd period of his religious life
युव yuva actual base of the 2nd person pronoun in the dual number
चतुर्थकालम् ind. caturthakAlam at the 4th meal-time i.e. at the evening of every 2nd day
भ्रातृद्वितीया f. bhrAtRdvitIyA festival on the 2nd day in the light half of the month kArttika
गृहपति m. gRhapati Brahman of the 2nd order who after having finished his studies marries
प्रत्यक्षकृता f. pratyakSakRtA hymn or verse in which a deity is addressed directly or in the 2nd person
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