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पञ्चवादनपर्यन्तं अत्रैव आसीत् sent. paJcavAdanaparyantaM atraiva AsIt He was here till 5.00.
पञ्चशत adj. paJcazata 500th
पञ्चशत adj. paJcazata fined 500
पञ्चशत adj. paJcazata amounting to 500
पञ्चशत n. paJcazata period of 500 years
सहितोत्तर n. sahitottara bow weighing 500 palas
चण्डीकुचपञ्चशती f. caNDIkucapaJcazatI 500 stanzas in praise of the breast of a passionate woman
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