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सप्तमाष्टम adj. saptamASTama 7th
सप्तक adj. saptaka 7th
सप्तम adj. saptama 7th
सप्तमक adj. saptamaka 7th
सप्तमीय adj. saptamIya 7th
सप्तथ adj. saptatha 7th
नि adj. ni 7th note
महासप्तमी f. mahAsaptamI great 7th
चित्तोत्थ m. cittottha 7th mansion
मार्ग m. mArga 7th mansion
cha 7th consonant
सप्तमाष्टम adj. saptamASTama 7th and the 8th
जाया f. jAyA 7th lunar mansion
जामित्र n. jAmitra 7th lunar mansion
जामित्र n. jAmitra 7th lunar mansion
विजयसप्तमी f. vijayasaptamI particular 7th day
विशोकसप्तमी f. vizokasaptamI particular 7th day
महातपःसप्तमी f. mahAtapaHsaptamI 7th of severe penance
सप्तमकला f. saptamakalA 7th digit of the moon
सप्तमीस्नपन n. saptamIsnapana bathing on the 7th day
स्मर m. smara 7th astrological mansion
सुकर्मन् m. sukarman 7th of the 27 astronomical
पूर्णावतार m. pUrNAvatAra 7th and 8th incarnations of viSNu
जयन्तीसप्तमी f. jayantIsaptamI 7th day in the bright half of mAgha
नन्दन m. nandana name of the 7th of the 9 white balas
नीच n. nIca 7th house from the culminating point
जह्नुसप्तमी f. jahnusaptamI 7th day in the light half of vaizAkha
सप्तमी f. saptamI 7th tithi or lunar day of the fortnight
श्रीमुख m. zrImukha 7th year of Jupiter's cycle of 60 years
गङ्गासप्तमी f. gaGgAsaptamI 7th day in the light half of month vaizAkha
पत्त्रिकाप्रवेश m. pattrikApraveza festival on the 7th day of the month Azvina
रत्नप्रभा f. ratnaprabhA of the 7th lambaka of the kathA-sarit-sAgara
पुत्रसप्तमी f. putrasaptamI 7th day in the light half of the month Azvina
सप्तमी f. saptamI 7th case i.e. the locative or its terminations
विजयासप्तमी f. vijayAsaptamI 7th day of the light half of a month falling on a Sunday
शान्त m. zAnta name of a goddess who executes the orders of the 7th arhat
अकुला f. akulA 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th days of a half-month [i.e., lunar month]
सप्तमीव्रत n. saptamIvrata religious observance to be performed on the 7th day of a month
द्यून n. dyUna 7th sign of the zodiac reckoning from that which the sun has entered
शर्करासप्तमी f. zarkarAsaptamI particular observance on the 7th day of the light half of the month vaizAkha
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