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आदातृ आश्रय m. AdAtR Azraya receiver rest [of a telephone]
आदातृ-लेखायाम् m. AdAtR-lekhAyAm account payee [Com.: credit to the payees account]
दूरभाष- आदातृ m. dUrabhASa- AdAtR telephone receiver
अदातृ adj. adAtR not giving in marriage
अदातृ adj. adAtR not paying
अदातृ adj. adAtR not giving
अदातृ adj. adAtR not liable to payment
अदातृ adj. adAtR not liberal
अदातृ adj. adAtR miserly
आदातृ m. AdAtR receiver
आधातृ m. AdhAtR one who impairs
अदत्रया ind. adatrayA not through a present
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