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आदर्श m. Adarza ideal
आदर्श m. Adarza standard [computer]
आदर्श m. Adarza model
आदर्श m. Adarza mirror
आदर्शमान n. AdarzamAna benchmark [computer]
आदर्शमिति f. Adarzamiti benchmark [computer]
आदर्श m. Adarza template
आदर्श m. Adarza commentary
अदर्श m. adarza mirror
आदर्श m. Adarza ideal perfection
अदर्श m. adarza day of new moon
आदर्श m. Adarza pattern
आदर्श m. Adarza sample
आदर्श m. Adarza act of perceiving by the eyes
आधर्ष adj. AdharSa attackable
आधर्ष adj. AdharSa assailable
आधर्ष m. AdharSa insulting
आधर्ष m. AdharSa assailing
आदर्शक adj. Adarzaka belonging to the country Adarza
आदर्शक m. Adarzaka mirror
अदर्शन adj. adarzana invisible
अदर्शन adj. adarzana latent
अदर्शन n. adarzana disregard
अदर्शन n. adarzana not seeing
अदर्शन n. adarzana neglect
अदर्शन n. adarzana latent condition disappearance
अदर्शन n. adarzana non-appearance
अदर्शन n. adarzana non-vision
आधर्षति verb AdharSati { AdhRS } attack
आधर्षति verb AdharSati { AdhRS } injure
आधर्षति verb AdharSati { AdhRS } overcome
आधर्षति verb AdharSati { AdhRS } assail
आदर्शमय adj. Adarzamaya being a mirror
अदर्शनीय adj. adarzanIya invisible
अदर्शनीय n. adarzanIya invisible condition
आदर्शयति verb caus. Adarzayati { AdRz } show
आदर्शयति verb caus. Adarzayati { AdRz } exhibit
आदर्शबिम्ब m. Adarzabimba round mirror
आदर्शमण्डल m. AdarzamaNDala having mirror-like spots, name of a species of serpent
आदर्शमण्डल m. AdarzamaNDala round mirror
अदर्शनपथ n. adarzanapatha path beyond the reach of vision
अदर्शनपथ n. adarzanapatha non-admission to presence
अदर्शनपथ n. adarzanapatha disgrace
अदर्शनी भवति verb adarzanI bhavati become visible
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