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आदितस् adverb Aditas at the beginning
आदितस् adverb Aditas from the start
आदिता f. AditA being the beginning of anything
आदित m. Adita in the very bud
आदित m. Adita beginning
अधीत adj. adhIta studied
अधीत adj. adhIta learned
अधीत adj. adhIta attained
अधीत adj. adhIta well read
आधीत adj. AdhIta reflected or meditated upon
अधीत adj. adhIta read
अधीत m. adhIta learned person
आधीत n. AdhIta anything intended or hoped for
आधीत n. AdhIta object of thought
आदितः indecl. AditaH from the beginning
आदितस् adverb Aditas at first
आदितस् ind. Aditas from the first
आदितस् ind. Aditas at the head of
आदितस् ind. Aditas from the beginning
आदिताल m. AditAla kind of measure
अधीतरस adj. adhItarasa having the juice not sucked out
अधीतवेद m. adhItaveda one who has studied the Vedas or whose studies are finished
आधीतयजुस् n. AdhItayajus sacrificial prayer which is meditated upon
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