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आगच्छति verb Agacchati comes
आगच्छति खलु ? sent. Agacchati khalu ? He\'ll come, won\'t he?
राजगृहाद् आगच्छति sentence rAjagRhAd Agacchati He comes from RajagRha.
भवान् कुतः आगच्छति? sent. bhavAn kutaH Agacchati? Where do you come from?
अन्नं तण्डुलतः आगच्छति sent. annaM taNDulataH Agacchati Cooked rice comes from uncooked rice
यानं दशवादने आगच्छति sent. yAnaM dazavAdane Agacchati The bus arrives at 10 0'clock.
तण्डुलः धान्यतः आगच्छति sent. taNDulaH dhAnyataH Agacchati Uncooked rice comes from the grain
बहिः गतवान् , इदानीं आगच्छति sent. bahiH gatavAn , idAnIM Agacchati He has gone out, he will be back soon.
भवान् (भवती) कुतः आगच्छति? sent. bhavAn (bhavatI) kutaH Agacchati? Where are you coming from?
गोविन्द, आपणं गत्वा आगच्छति वा? sent. govinda, ApaNaM gatvA Agacchati vA? Govind, will you go to the shop to get something?
सामान्यतः शिरोवेदना तदा तदा आगच्छति sent. sAmAnyataH zirovedanA tadA tadA Agacchati Generally I get headache now and then.
भवन्तं दृष्टुं सः पुनः आगच्छति किल? sent. bhavantaM dRSTuM saH punaH Agacchati kila? He is going to come back to see you, isn't he?
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } have recourse to
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } arrive at
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } meet with [instr.]
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } attain
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } come
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } reach
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } make one's appearance
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } fall into (any state of mind)
आगच्छति verb Agacchati { Agam } come near from
आगच्छति verb 1 Agacchati { A- gam } arrive
आगच्छति verb 1 Par Agacchati { A- gam } return
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