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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
अगम्यागमन n. agamyAgamana incest
अगम्य adj. agamya inaccessible
अगम्य adj. agamya unattainable
अगम्य adj. agamya immune
अगम्य adj. agamya unfit to be walked in
अगम्य adj. agamya unintelligible
अगम्य adj. agamya or to be approached
अगम्य adj. agamya unsuitable
अगम्य adj. agamya not to be approached
अगम्या f. agamyA woman with whom cohabitation is forbidden
आगम्य gerund Agamya having come
आगम्य ind. Agamya having arrived or come
अगम्यगा f. agamyagA woman who has illicit intercourse with a man
अगम्यरूप adj. agamyarUpa of unsurpassed form
अगम्यरूप adj. agamyarUpa difficult to be traversed
अगम्यागामिन् adj. agamyAgAmin practising it
अगम्यागमन n. agamyAgamana illicit intercourse with a woman
अगम्यागमनीय adj. agamyAgamanIya relating to it