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आग्रह m. Agraha insistence
आग्रहं करोति verb 8 AgrahaM karoti { AgrahaM kR } insist
अग्रह adj. agraha where no ladleful is drawn
अग्रह adj. agraha destroying the best part
आग्रह m. Agraha persistence
आग्रह m. Agraha favour
आग्रह m. Agraha obstinacy
आग्रह m. Agraha request
आग्रह m. Agraha affection
आग्रह m. Agraha strong inclination for
आग्रह m. Agraha attack
आग्रह m. Agraha strong or obstinate inclination for
अग्रह m. agraha non acceptance
आग्रह m. Agraha obstinate inclination for
आग्रह m. Agraha determination
आग्रह m. Agraha seizing
आग्रह m. Agraha insisting on
अग्रह m. agraha houseless man i.e. a vAnaprastha
आग्रह m. Agraha taking
आग्रह m. Agraha whim
अग्रह m. agraha Brahman of the third class
आग्रहात् ind. AgrahAt obstinately
अग्रहण adj. agrahaNa not afflicted by disease
अग्रहण n. agrahaNa not meaning
अग्रहार m. agrahAra land or village thus given
अग्रहार m. agrahAra royal donation of land to Brahmans
अग्रहस्त m. agrahasta tip of an elephant's trunk
अग्रहस्त m. agrahasta finger
अग्रहायण m. agrahAyaNa commencement of the year
आग्रहायणी f. AgrahAyaNI day of full moon in the month agrahAyaNa
आग्रहायणि f. AgrahAyaNi day of full moon in the month
आग्रहायणम् f. AgrahAyaNam day of full moon in the month
आग्रहायणक adj. AgrahAyaNaka to be paid on the day of full moon of the month agrahAyaNa
आग्रहायणिक adj. AgrahAyaNika containing a full moon of agrahAyaNa
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