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अहितकर adj. ahitakara unhealthy
अहिता adj. ahitA improper
अहित adj. ahita unfit
आहित adj. Ahita performed
आहित adj. Ahita delivered
आहित adj. Ahita felt
आहित adj. Ahita added
अहिता adj. ahitA unadvantageous
अहित adj. ahita improper
आहित adj. Ahita placed
आहित adj. Ahita deposited
आहित adj. Ahita given
आहित adj. Ahita comprising
अहिता adj. ahitA noxious
अहित adj. ahita unadvantageous
आहित adj. Ahita placed on
आहित adj. Ahita done
आहित adj. Ahita one who has added
आहित adj. Ahita conceived
अहिता adj. ahitA hostile
अहित adj. ahita noxious
आहित adj. Ahita pledged
आहित adj. Ahita effected
अहिता adj. ahitA unfit
आहित adj. Ahita pawned
आहित adj. Ahita containing
अहित adj. ahita hostile
आहित adj. Ahita put on
आहित adj. Ahita entertained
अहित m. ahita enemy
अहित m. ahita foe
अहिता m. ahitA enemy
अहित n. ahita disadvantage
आहित n. Ahita particular mode of fighting
अहित n. ahita injury
अहित n. ahita evil
अहित n. ahita evil
अहित n. ahita disadvantage
अहित n. ahita damage
अहित n. ahita harm
अहित n. ahita disadvantage
अहितम् n. ahitam damage
आहिताङ्क adj. AhitAGka marked
आहिताङ्क adj. AhitAGka spotted
आहिताङ्क adj. AhitAGka stained
आहिताग्नि adj. AhitAgni one who has placed the sacred fire upon the altar
आहिताग्नि m. AhitAgni Brahman who maintains a perpetual sacred fire in a family
आहिताग्नि m. AhitAgni sacrificer
अहितकारिन् adj. ahitakArin adverse
अहितकारिन् adj. ahitakArin inimical
अहितकारिन् adj. ahitakArin noxious
आहितक्लम adj. Ahitaklama exhausted
आहितक्लम adj. Ahitaklama overcome with fatigue
अहितमनस् adj. ahitamanas not friendly-minded
अहितमनस् adj. ahitamanas inimical
अहितनामन् adj. ahitanAman having as yet no name
आहितलक्षण adj. AhitalakSaNa noted or known for good qualities
आहितलक्षण adj. AhitalakSaNa one who has laid down his banner
आहितसमित्क adj. Ahitasamitka one who has added fuel to the fire or who keeps up a fire
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