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सङ्कल्पना f. saGkalpanA Computer Aided Design (CAD) [computer]
सङ्गणकद्वारापरिकल्पना f. saGgaNakadvArAparikalpanA computer aided design (CAD) [computer]
सङ्गणकोपकृतपरिकल्पना f. saGgaNakopakRtaparikalpanA computer aided design (CAD) [computer]
सङ्गकल्प n. saGgakalpa Computer Aided Design (CAD) [computer]
सङ्गणकद्वारायन्त्रण n. saGgaNakadvArAyantraNa computer aided engineering (CAE) [computer]
सङ्गणकोपकृतयन्त्रण n. saGgaNakopakRtayantraNa computer aided engineering (CAE) [computer]
सङ्गयन्त्र n. saGgayantra Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) [computer]
संयन्त्रण n. saMyantraNa Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) [computer]
सङ्कल्पना f. saGkalpanA Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) [computer]
सङ्गमान n. saGgamAna Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) [computer]
सहकृत adj. sahakRta aided
स्वभिष्टि adj. svabhiSTi well-aided
स्वभिष्टि adj. svabhiSTi well-aided
वेविष्टे verb Intens. veviSTe { viS } aided or supported by
वेवेष्टि verb Intens. veveSTi { viS } aided or supported by
उपवृंहित adj. upavRMhita increased or supported or aided by
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