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आकृति f. AkRti template [computer]
आकृति f. AkRti figure
आकृतिचित्रण n. AkRticitraNa vector graphics [computer]
संस्वनन-आकृति f. saMsvanana-AkRti acoustic figure [Phys.]
संस्वनन- आकृति f. saMsvanana- AkRti acoustic figures [Phys.]
संस्वनन- आकृति f. saMsvanana- AkRti Chladni's figures [Phys.]
संस्वनन- आकृति f. saMsvanana- AkRti sonorous figures
संस्वनन - आकृति f. saMsvanana - AkRti Chladi's figures [acoustic figures]
आकृति f. AkRti number twenty-two
आकृति f. AkRti kind
आकृती f. AkRtI form
आकृति f. AkRti species
आकृति f. AkRti configuration
आकृति f. AkRti form
आकृती f. AkRtI shape
आकृति f. AkRti specimen
आकृति f. AkRti aspect
आकृति f. AkRti metre
आकृति f. AkRti well-formed shape
आकृति m. AkRti constituent part
आकृति m. AkRti shape
आकृति m. AkRti form
आकृति m. AkRti appearance
अकृतिन् adj. akRtin unfit for work
अकृतिन् adj. akRtin not clever
आकृतिमत् adj. AkRtimat having a shape
आकृतिमत् adj. AkRtimat embodied
अकृतित्व n. akRtitva unfitness for work
आकृतिगण m. AkRtigaNa list of specimens
आकृतिगण m. AkRtigaNa collection of words belonging to a particular grammatical rule
आकृतियोग m. AkRtiyoga certain class of constellations
आकृतिच्छत्त्रा f. AkRticchattrA Prickly chaff flower plant [Achyranthes Aspera - Bot.]
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