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आक्रन्दन n. Akrandana lamentation
आक्रन्दति verb 1 Akrandati { A- krand } bemoan
आक्रन्द m. Akranda war-cry
आक्रन्द m. Akranda war
आक्रन्द m. Akranda lamenting
आक्रन्द m. Akranda battle
आक्रन्द m. Akranda weeping
आक्रन्द m. Akranda crying
आक्रन्द m. Akranda friend or protector
आक्रन्द m. Akranda crying out
आक्रन्द m. Akranda king who is the friend of a neighbouring king and checks the attack made on him by another king
आक्रन्द m. Akranda wailing
आक्रन्दन n. Akrandana weeping
आक्रन्दते verb Akrandate { Akrand } cry with sorrow
आक्रन्दते verb Akrandate { Akrand } lament
आक्रन्दते verb Akrandate { Akrand } weep
आक्रन्दति verb Akrandati { Akrand } call for help
आक्रन्दति verb Akrandati { Akrand } shout out
आक्रन्दति verb Akrandati { Akrand } invoke
आक्रन्दनीय adj. AkrandanIya to be called for help
आक्रन्दयति verb caus. Akrandayati { Akrand } roar at
आक्रन्दयति verb caus. Akrandayati { Akrand } cause to lament or weep
आक्रन्दयति verb caus. Akrandayati { Akrand } cry without interruption
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