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अलघु adj. alaghu not quick
अलघु adj. alaghu solemn
अलघु adj. alaghu not light
अलघु adj. alaghu slow
अलघु adj. alaghu intense
अलघु adj. alaghu heavy
अलघु adj. alaghu weighty
अलघु adj. alaghu violent
अलघु adj. alaghu not short
अलघु adj. alaghu significant
अलघु adj. alaghu long
अलघु adj. alaghu serious
आलग्न adj. Alagna clung to
अलग्न adj. alagna not joined or connected
आलग्न adj. Alagna adhered
आलगति verb Alagati { Alag } adhere
आलगति verb Alagati { Alag } cling to
अलग्लम् ind. alaglam unconnectedly in a stammering manner
अलगर्दा f. alagardA large poisonous leech
अलगर्द m. alagarda water-serpent
अलाघव n. alAghava no ease or relief of conscience
आलगयति verb caus. Alagayati { Alag } affix
अलघीयस् adj. alaghIyas not insignificant
अलघीयस् adj. alaghIyas mighty
अलघुपल m. alaghupala rock
अलघुपल m. alaghupala heavy stone
अलघूष्मन् m. alaghUSman intense heat
अलघुप्रतिज्ञ adj. alaghupratijJa solemnly pledged or promised
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