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आलम्ब m. Alamba hook
आलम्बन n. Alambana platform [computer]
बलेन आलम्भयति verb caus. balena Alambhayati { A- labh } enforce
आलम्ब adj. Alamba hanging down
आलम्बा f. AlambA species of plant with poisonous leaves
आलम्ब m. Alamba support
आलम्ब m. Alamba depending on or from
आलम्ब m. Alamba that on which one rests or leans
आलम्ब m. Alamba perpendicular
आलम्ब m. Alamba prop
आलम्ब m. Alamba receptacle
आलम्ब m. Alamba asylum
आलम्बम् ind. Alambam holding
आलम्बम् ind. Alambam supporting
आलम्भ m. Alambha sacrificing
आलम्भ m. Alambha seizing
आलम्भ m. Alambha taking hold of
आलम्भ m. Alambha killing
आलम्भ m. Alambha tearing off
आलम्भ m. Alambha rooting out
आलम्भ m. Alambha touching
अलम्बल adj. alambala equal to any power
आलम्बन n. Alambana support
आलम्बन n. Alambana hanging from
आलम्बन n. Alambana sustaining
आलम्बन n. Alambana cause
आलम्बन n. Alambana mental exercise practised by the yogin in endeavouring to realize the gross form of the Eternal
आलम्बन n. Alambana depending on or resting upon
आलम्बन n. Alambana reason
आलम्बन n. Alambana natural and necessary connection of a sensation with the cause which excites it
आलम्बन n. Alambana five attributes of things
आलम्बन n. Alambana basis
आलम्बन n. Alambana silent repetition of a prayer
आलम्बन n. Alambana foundation
आलम्बन n. Alambana foundation
आलम्बन n. Alambana supporting
आलम्बन n. Alambana base
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } give one's self up to
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } seize
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } take up
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } depend
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } cling to
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } appropriate  
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } rest or lean upon
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } bring near
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } hang from
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } support
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } get  
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } lay hold of
आलम्बते verb Alambate { Alamb } hold
आलम्भम् ind. Alambham touching
आलम्भम् ind. Alambham taking hold of
आलम्भन n. Alambhana killing
आलम्भन n. Alambhana sacrificing
आलम्भन n. Alambhana seizure
आलम्भन n. Alambhana taking hold of
आलम्भन n. Alambhana touching
आलम्बनवत् adj. Alambanavat devoted to the mental exercise called Alambana
आलम्भनीय adj. AlambhanIya to be taken hold of or handled
आलम्भनीय adj. AlambhanIya to be touched
अलम्भविष्णु adj. alambhaviSNu being able to
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