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आलाप m. AlApa talk
आलाप m. AlApa math. problem
आलापा f. AlApA particular mUrchanA or melody
आलाप m. AlApa statement of the question in an arithmetical or algebraic sum
आलाप m. AlApa intercourse
आलाप m. AlApa lesson
आलाप m. AlApa speech
आलाप m. AlApa question
आलाप m. AlApa singing or twittering of birds
आलाप m. AlApa speaking to
आलाप m. AlApa communication
आलाप m. AlApa addressing
आलाप m. AlApa conversation
अलपत् adj. alapat not chattering
अलपत् adj. alapat not speaking nonsense
आलापिन् adj. AlApin speaking or conversing with
आलापिन् f. AlApin particular interval
आलाप्य adj. AlApya to be said or spoken
आलाप्य adj. AlApya to be spoken to or addressed
आलप्य ind. Alapya having addressed
आलापन n. AlApana speaking to or with
आलापन n. AlApana benediction
आलपन n. Alapana conversation
आलापन n. AlApana conversation
आलपन n. Alapana speaking to
आलपति verb Alapati { Alap } converse
आलपति verb Alapati { Alap } address
आलपति verb Alapati { Alap } speak to
आलापिनी f. AlApinI lute made of a gourd
आलपित n. Alapita conversation
आलपित n. Alapita talk
आलापवत् adj. AlApavat addressing
आलापवत् adj. AlApavat speaking
आलप्तक adj. Alaptaka affable
आलप्तक adj. Alaptaka talkative
आलापनीय adj. AlApanIya to be said or spoken
आलापनीय adj. AlApanIya to be spoken to or addressed
आलपितव्य adj. Alapitavya to be addressed or spoken to
आलापिकवंश m. AlApikavaMza kind of flute
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