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आमूलम् adv. AmUlam from the beginning
आमूलम् adv. AmUlam from scratch
आमूलम् adv. AmUlam from the beginning
आमूलम् adverb AmUlam from the start
अमूल adj. amUla without authority
अमूल adj. amUla rootless
अमूल adj. amUla not resting on authority
अमूल adj. amUla baseless
अमूला f. amUlA without root
अमूला f. amUlA flame lily plant [Gloriosa Superba - Bot.]
अमूला f. amUlA bulbous plant
आमूलम् ind. AmUlam from the beginning
आमूलम् indecl. AmUlam radically
आमूलम् indecl. AmUlam entirely
आमूलम् indecl. AmUlam by the root
आमूलम् indecl. AmUlam to the root
अमूलाग्रम् indecl. amUlAgram from beginning to end
सङ्ख्याति indecl. saGkhyAti from the beginning
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