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अमानवीय adj. amAnavIya inhuman
आमन n. Amana disease
आमन n. Amana friendly disposition
आमन n. Amana inclination
आमन n. Amana sickness
आमन n. Amana affection
अमनाक् ind. amanAk not little
अमनाक् ind. amanAk greatly
आमनस् adj. Amanas favourable
अमनस् adj. amanas without perception or intellect
आमनस् adj. Amanas friendly disposed
अमनस् adj. amanas silly
आमनस् adj. Amanas kind
अमनस् n. amanas want of perception
अमनस् n. amanas non-perception
अमानन n. amAnana disrespect
आमनति verb Amanati { AmnA } hand down in sacred texts
आमनति verb Amanati { AmnA } allege  
आमनति verb Amanati { AmnA } celebrate
आमनति verb Amanati { AmnA } cite
आमनति verb Amanati { AmnA } quote  
आमनति verb Amanati { AmnA } utter
आमनति verb Amanati { AmnA } commit to memory
आमनति verb Amanati { AmnA } mention
अमानव adj. amAnava not human
अमानव adj. amAnava superhuman
अमानव adj. amAnava and not being a descendant of manu
अमनस्क adj. amanaska not well-disposed
अमनस्क adj. amanaska low-spirited
अमनस्क adj. amanaska without perception or intellect
अमनस्क adj. amanaska silly
आमनस्य n. Amanasya suffering
आमानस्य n. AmAnasya pain
आमानस्य n. AmAnasya suffering
आमनस्य n. Amanasya pain
आमनहोम m. Amanahoma offering at which the above two verses of the are spoken
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