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अनूपा उ n. anUpA u kind of poisonous root
अनुपात m. anupAta ratio
अनुपङ्क्ति f. anupaGkti queue
अनुपहत adj. anupahata uninterrupted
अनुपहत adj. anupahata unimpaired
अनुपहत adj. anupahata not used
अनुपहत adj. anupahata unvitiated
अनुपकारिन् m. anupakArin one who does not return a favour
अनुपपन्न ppp. anupapanna of no relevance
अनुपपन्न ppp. anupapanna insignificant
अनुपपन्न ppp. anupapanna insipid
अनुपपन्न ppp. anupapanna without importance
अनुपयुक्त adj. anupayukta useless
अनुपस्थान n. anupasthAna absentation
अनुपस्थातृ m. anupasthAtR absenter
अनुपस्थित adj. anupasthita absent
अनुपस्थित adj. anupasthita absentee
अनुपस्थिति f. anupasthiti absence
अनूपानुपातिन् adj. anUpAnupAtin directly proportional
अनुपस्थायिन् m. anupasthAyin absentee
अनुपस्थायिता f. anupasthAyitA absenteeism
स्थिर अनुपात m. sthira anupAta constant proportion [Math.]
सन्तत अनुपात m. santata anupAta continued proportion [Math.]
अनुपश्यति / -ते verb anupazyati / -te { anupaz } look upon as
अनुपस्थित मतदान n. anupasthita matadAna absent voting
अनुपस्थित मतदातृ m. anupasthita matadAtR absent voter
बहु दीर्घा अनुपङ्क्ति m. bahu dIrghA anupaGkti very long queue
भोजनापणानां पुरतः दृश्यमाना अनुपङ्क्तिः मम मनसि आतङ्कं वर्धयति स्म | sent. bhojanApaNAnAM purataH dRzyamAnA anupaGktiH mama manasi AtaGkaM vardhayati sma | The line of people in front of the food shops used distress me.
आनूप adj. AnUpa wet
आनूप adj. AnUpa belonging to a watery place
अनूप adj. anUpa watery
आनूप adj. AnUpa marshy
अनूप adj. anUpa situated near the water
आनूप adj. AnUpa watery
अनूप m. anUpa watery country
अनूप m. anUpa pond
आनूप m. AnUpa any animal frequenting watery or marshy places
अनूप m. anUpa bank of a river
आनूप m. AnUpa as fishes
अनूप m. anUpa lagoon
अनूप m. anUpa buffalo
आनूप m. AnUpa buffaloes
अनुपद adj. anupada following closely
अनुपद n. anupada word for word
अनुपद n. anupada on the heels of
अनुपद n. anupada chorus
अनुपद n. anupada close behind or after
अनुपद n. anupada refrain
अनुपद n. anupada burden of a song or words sung again after regular intervals
अनुपादे ind. anupAde behind
अनूपज n. anUpaja growing near the water
अनूपज n. anUpaja ginger
आनूपक adj. AnUpaka living in marshy places
अनुपम adj. anupama unparalleled
अनुपम adj. anupama incomparable
अनुपम adj. anupama excellent
अनुपम adj. anupama matchless
अनुपम adj. anupama best
अनुपमा f. anupamA female elephant of the south-east or of the north-east
अनुपान n. anupAna drink taken with or after medicine
अनुपान n. anupAna drink after eating
अनुपान n. anupAna drink to be had near at hand
अनुपान n. anupAna fluid vehicle in medicine
अनुपात m. anupAta rule of three
अनुपात m. anupAta going after
अनुपाट m. anupATa splitting or cutting down
अनुपात m. anupAta a degree of latitude opposite to one given
अनुपात m. anupAta proceeding in order
अनुपात m. anupAta falling upon in succession
अनुपात m. anupAta progression
अनुपात m. anupAta pursuit
अनुपात m. anupAta proportion
अनुपात m. anupAta following
अनुपति ind. anupati after the husband
अनुपाय m. anupAya bad means
अनूपभू f. anUpabhU morass
अनूपभू f. anUpabhU bog
अनूपभू f. anUpabhU marsh
अनुपदम् ind. anupadam step by step
अनुपध m. anupadha having no penultimate
अनुपध m. anupadha letter or syllable not preceded by another
अनुपधि adj. anupadhi guileless
अनुपदिन् m. anupadin searcher
अनुपदिन् m. anupadin inquirer
अनुपदिन् m. anupadin one who follows or seeks for
आनुपद्य adj. Anupadya being behind any one's steps
अनुपालिन् adj. anupAlin preserving
अनुपालिन् adj. anupAlin keeping up
अनुपाल्य adj. anupAlya to be guarded or kept or maintained
अनुपातम् ind. anupAtam in regular succession
अनुपथ adj. anupatha following the road
अनुपथ m. anupatha road followed after another
अनुपथ m. anupatha servant
अनुपातिन् adj. anupAtin following as a consequence or result
अनुपात्त adj. anupAtta not mentioned explicitly
अनुपात्त adj. anupAtta not caught
अनुपयत् adj. anupayat not going to
अनुपायिन् adj. anupAyin not using means or expedients
अनुपश्य adj. anupazya following with looks
अनुपश्य adj. anupazya keeping in view
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