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अपाटी adj. apATI crack-proof
अपतिष्टति verb 1 apatiSTati { apa- sthA } defect
अपतिष्टति verb 1 apatiSTati { apa- sthA } desert
अपटी f. apaTI screen or wall of cloth
अपति f. apati without a husband or master
अपति f. apati either an unmarried person or a widow
अपति m. apati not a husband or master
आपति m. Apati incessantly moving
आपति m. Apati present lord
आपथी f. ApathI any impediment in one's way
आपथि m. Apathi travelling hither or near
आपातिन् adj. ApAtin falling on
आपातिन् adj. ApAtin happening
अपथिन् m.n. apathin absence of road
आपतिक adj. Apatika coming from fate
आपातिक adj. ApAtika rushing upon
आपतिक adj. Apatika unforeseen
आपतिक adj. Apatika accidental
आपातिक adj. ApAtika being at hand
अपटीका f. apaTIkA dissimulation
आपतिक m. Apatika hawk
आपतिक m. Apatika falcon
आपतित adj. Apatita descended
आपातित adj. ApAtita killed
आपातित adj. ApAtita thrown down
आपतित adj. Apatita alighted
आपातित adj. ApAtita caused to fall down
अपतिता f. apatitA state of being without a husband
आपतित ppp. Apatita occurred
आपतित ppp. Apatita happened
आपतित ppp. Apatita befallen
अपतिघ्नी f. apatighnI not killing a husband
अपतीर्थ m.n. apatIrtha bad or improper tIrtha
अपटीक्षेप m. apaTIkSepa tossing aside the curtain
अपतिपुत्रा f. apatiputrA without a husband and children
अपतिव्रता f. apativratA unfaithful or unchaste wife
अपातिष्ठति verb 1 apAtiSThati { apAsthA } go off or towards
अपटीक्षेपेण ind. apaTIkSepeNa with a toss of the curtain
अपटीक्षेपेण ind. apaTIkSepeNa precipitate entrance on the stage
अपतितान्योन्यत्यागिन् adj. apatitAnyonyatyAgin deserting one another without being ejected from caste
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