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आराम m. ArAma gardens
आराम m. ArAma garden establishment
आराम m. ArAma place of pleasure
आरमति verb Aramati { A- ram } finish
आरमति verb Aramati { A- ram } cease
आराम m. ArAma grove
आराम m. ArAma pleasure ground
आराम m. ArAma delight
आराम m. ArAma pleasure
आराम m. ArAma garden
आरमण n. AramaNa pleasure
आरमण n. AramaNa cessation
आरमण n. AramaNa resting-place
आरमण n. AramaNa delight
आरमण n. AramaNa sexual pleasure
आरमण n. AramaNa enjoyment
आरमण n. AramaNa pause
अरमति adj. aramati without relaxation or repose
अरमति f. aramati readiness to serve
अरमति f. aramati obedience
अरमति f. aramati devotion a goddess protecting the worshippers of the gods and pious works in general
अरमति f. aramati patient
आरमति verb Aramati { Aram } enjoy one's self
आरमति verb Aramati { Aram } take pleasure
आरमति verb Aramati { Aram } stop  
आरमति verb Aramati { A- ram } pause
आरमति verb Aramati { Aram } leave off
आरमति verb Aramati { A- ram } stop
आरमति verb Aramati { Aram } delight in
अरमणस् adj. aramaNas obedient
अरमणस् adj. aramaNas ready to serve
अरमहृदय adj. aramahRdaya stone hearted
अरमणीयता f. aramaNIyatA unpleasantness
आरामाधिपति m. ArAmAdhipati head gardener
आरामपरिग्रह m. ArAmaparigraha landed property
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