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आरे indecl. + Are outside
आरे अघ adj. Are agha having evil far removed
आरे अवद्य adj. Are avadya one from whom blame or insult is far removed
अरे! दशवादनम्! sent. are! dazavAdanam! Oh! it is 10 o'clock.
अरेखित धनादेश m. arekhita dhanAdeza open cheque
अरेखित धनादेश m. arekhita dhanAdeza not crossed cheque
अरे! पादस्य / हस्तस्य किं अभवत्? sent. are! pAdasya / hastasya kiM abhavat? Oh! What happened to your legs / arms?
अरे indecl. are interjection of calling
अरे indecl. are hello
आरे indecl. + Are without
आरे indecl. + Are far
आरे indecl. + Are far from
आरेक m. Areka doubt
आरेक m. Areka emptying
अरेणु adj. areNu not dusty
अरेणु adj. areNu not earthly
अरेणु adj. areNu celestial
अरेणु m. areNu gods
अरेरे ind. arere interjection of calling to inferiors or of calling angrily
आरेचिन् adj. Arecin emptying
आरेढि verb AreDhi { Arih } lick up
अरेपस् adj. arepas spotless
अरेफ adj. arepha without the letter r
अरेतस् adj. aretas not receiving seed
आरेचित adj. Arecita emptied
आरेचित adj. Arecita mixed
आरेचित adj. Arecita contracted
आरेहण n. ArehaNa kissing
आरेहण n. ArehaNa licking
आरेषति verb caus. AreSati { AriS } destroy
आरेषति verb caus. AreSati { AriS } hurt
अरेतस्क adj. aretaska seedless
आरेशत्रु adj. Arezatru one whose enemies are driven far away
आरेचितभ्रू adj. ArecitabhrU having contracted eye-brows
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