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आर्तव n. Artava menstruation
आर्तव n. Artava menses
आर्तव adj. Artava relating to or produced by this discharge
आर्तव adj. Artava seasonable
आर्तव adj. Artava belonging or conforming to the seasons or periods of time
आर्तव adj. Artava menstrual
आर्तव m. Artava combination of several seasons
आर्तव m. Artava section of the year
आर्तव n. Artava fluid discharged by the female of an animal at the time of rut
आर्तव n. Artava menstrual discharge
आर्तव n. Artava ten days after the menstrual discharge fit for generation
आर्तव n. Artava flower
अर्थवत् adj. arthavat significant
अर्थवत् adj. arthavat suitable to the object
अर्थवत् adj. arthavat fitting
अर्थवत् adj. arthavat wealthy
अर्थवत् adj. arthavat full of reality
अर्थवत् adj. arthavat full of sense
अर्थवत् adj. arthavat real
अर्थवत् ind. arthavat according to a purpose
अर्थवत् m. arthavat man
अर्थवाद m. arthavAda explanation of the meaning
अर्थवाद m. arthavAda praise
अर्थवाद m. arthavAda eulogium
अर्थवाद m. arthavAda speaking for gain
अर्थवादिन् adj. arthavAdin relating facts
अर्थवत्ता f. arthavattA significance
अर्थवत्ता f. arthavattA importance
अर्थवत्त्व n. arthavattva { samA- khyA } significance
अर्थवत्त्व n. arthavattva importance
अर्थावमर्द m. arthAvamarda wasting of wealth
अर्थावमर्द m. arthAvamarda prodigality
अर्थवर्जित adj. arthavarjita unimportant
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