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आर्य m. Arya Arian
आर्य m. Arya Aryan
सुदिनम् आर्य sent. sudinam Arya Good morning, Sir
न हि , आर्य ! phrase na hi , Arya ! No , Sir !
आर्य, भवान् कथम् अस्ति? sent. Arya, bhavAn katham asti? How are you, Sir?
आर्य adj. Arya suitable
अर्य adj. arya excellent
आर्य adj. Arya behaving like an Aryan
आर्य adj. Arya honorable
आर्य adj. Arya polite
आर्य adj. Arya wise
अर्य adj. arya kind
आर्य adj. Arya favourable to the Aryan people
आर्य adj. Arya gentleman-like
आर्य adj. Arya courteous
अर्य adj. arya attached to
आर्य adj. Arya worthy of one
अर्य adj. arya favourable
आर्य adj. Arya honourable
आर्य adj. Arya worthy
अर्य adj. arya devoted
आर्य adj. Arya noble
अर्य adj. arya true
आर्य adj. Arya excellent
आर्य adj. Arya respectable
अर्य adj. arya dear
आर्य adj. Arya Aryan
अर्या f. aryA woman of the third caste
अर्या f. aryA wife of a vaizya
आर्या f. AryA kind of metre of two lines
आर्या f. AryA name of pArvatI
आर्य m. Arya man highly esteemed
आर्य m. Arya respectable or honourable or faithful man
आर्य m. Arya Buddha
आर्य m. Arya man who has thought on the four chief truths of Buddhism and lives accordingly
आर्य m. Arya son of manu sAvarNa
अर्य m. arya master
आर्य m. Arya Buddhist priest
आर्य m. Arya master
आर्य m. Arya vaizya
अर्य m. arya lord
आर्य m. Arya friend
आर्य m. Arya in later times name of the first three castes
आर्य m. Arya gentleman
आर्य m. Arya one who is faithful to the religion of his country
अर्य m. arya vaizya
आर्य m. Arya honourable man
आर्य m. Arya owner
आर्य m. voc. Arya Sir
आर्यका f. AryakA respectable woman
आर्यक f. Aryaka respectable woman
आर्यक m. Aryaka honourable or respectable man
आर्यक m. Aryaka grandfather
आर्यक n. Aryaka ceremony performed to the manes
आर्यक n. Aryaka vessel used in sacrifices made to the manes
अर्याणी f. aryANI mistress
अर्याणी f. aryANI woman of the third or vaizya caste
आर्यता f. AryatA honourable behaviour
आर्यव n. Aryava honesty
आर्यव n. Aryava honourable behaviour
अर्यमन् m. aryaman chum [companion]
अर्यमन् m. aryaman play-fellow
अर्यमन् m. aryaman milkweed plant [Asclepias - Bot.]
अर्यमन् m. aryaman companion
अर्यमन् m. aryaman friend who asks a woman in marriage for another
अर्यमन् m. aryaman bosom friend
अर्यमन् m. aryaman sun
अर्यम्य adj. aryamya intimate
अर्यम्य adj. aryamya very friendly
आर्यन्ति verb 4 Aryanti { Ar } praise
आर्यत्व n. Aryatva honourable behaviour
आर्यवाच् adj. AryavAc speaking the Aryan language
आर्यदेश m. Aryadeza region inhabited by Aryans or followers of the Aryan laws
आर्यागम m. AryAgama approaching an Aryan woman sexually
आर्यगण m. AryagaNa whole body of priests
आर्यागीति f. AryAgIti variety of the AryA metre
आर्यजन m. Aryajana Aryans
आर्यजन m. Aryajana honest people
आर्यजन m. Aryajana gentleman
अर्यजारा f. aryajArA mistress of a vaizya
आर्यकृत adj. AryakRta made by a man of the first three castes
आर्यमण adj. AryamaNa relating or belonging to aryaman
अर्यमिक m. aryamika shortened name for aryama-datta
आर्यपाल m. AryapAla protector of the Aryans
अर्यपति adj. aryapati having kind or favourable lords
आर्यरूप adj. AryarUpa having only the form or appearance of an Aryan or honest one
आर्यरूप m. AryarUpa having the appearance of an Aryan
आर्यस्त्री f. AryastrI Aryan woman or a woman of the first three castes
आर्यसुत adj. Aryasuta husband
आर्यवेश adj. Aryaveza dressed like an Aryan or honest person
आर्यशील adj. AryazIla having an honest character
आर्यभाव m. AryabhAva honourable character or behaviour
आर्यचेतस् adj. Aryacetas noble-minded
आर्यदेश्य adj. Aryadezya belonging to or originated from such a region
आर्यधन n. Aryadhana noble treasure
आर्यगृह्य adj. AryagRhya taking the side or adhering to the party of the noble ones
आर्यहलम् ind. Aryahalam an interjection
आर्यहृद्य adj. AryahRdya beloved by noble ones
आर्यजुष्ट adj. AryajuSTa liked by or agreeable to noble ones
आर्यमार्ग m. AryamArga way of the honourable ones
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