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आसक्ति m. Asakti fondness
आसक्तिं करोति verb 8 AsaktiM karoti { kR } be attached
आसक्ति adverb Asakti wholly
आसक्ति adverb Asakti throughout
असक्ति f. asakti being detached from worldly feelings or passions
आसक्ति f. Asakti placing behind
आसक्ति f. Asakti devotedness
आसक्ति f. Asakti act of adhering or attaching one's self firmly behind
आसक्ति f. Asakti addiction
आसक्ति f. Asakti waylaying
आसक्ति f. Asakti application
आसक्ति f. Asakti attachment
आसक्ति f. Asakti interest
आसक्ति f. Asakti diligence
आसक्ति ind. Asakti uninterruptedly
आशक्ति f. Azakti power
आशक्ति f. Azakti ability
आशक्ति f. Azakti might
अशक्ति f. azakti incapability
अशक्ति m. azakti weakness
अशक्ति m. azakti impotence
अशक्ति m. azakti inability
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