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आसन्न adj. Asanna contiguous [computer]
आसन्न ppp. Asanna proximate
आसन्न ppp. Asanna near
आसन्नदशा m. AsannadazA about ten
आसन्नमरण adj. AsannamaraNa about to die
आसन्न adj. Asanna seated down
आसन्न adj. Asanna approximately
असन्न adj. asanna restless
आसन्न n. Asanna vicinity
आसन्न n. Asanna death
आसन्न n. Asanna end
आसन्न n. Asanna nearness
आसन्न n. Asanna proximity
आसन्न ppp. Asanna occupied
आसन्न ppp. Asanna set down
आसन्न ppp. Asanna obtained
आसन्न ppp. Asanna reached
असंनद्ध adj. asaMnaddha not yet appertaining to
असंनद्ध adj. asaMnaddha pretending to knowledge
असंनद्ध adj. asaMnaddha conceited
असंनद्ध adj. asaMnaddha proud
असंनद्ध adj. asaMnaddha not put on
आसन्नचर adj. Asannacara moving round about in the proximity
आसन्नकाल adj. AsannakAla one who has reached his time or hour
आसन्नकाल m. AsannakAla hour of death
आसन्नतर adj. Asannatara nearer
आसन्नक्षय adj. AsannakSaya one whose ruin is near
आसन्नकालिक adj. AsannakAlika near in time
आसन्नतरता f. AsannataratA greater nearness
आसन्नवर्तिन् adj. Asannavartin being or abiding in the neighbourhood or vicinity
आसन्नयोधिन् adj. Asannayodhin employed in close fight
आसन्ननिवासिन् adj. AsannanivAsin living in the vicinity
आसन्ननिवासिन् adj. AsannanivAsin neighbour
आसन्नप्रसवा f. AsannaprasavA female whose parturition is near or who is about to bring forth
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