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आवाप m. AvApa admixture
आवाप m. AvApa admixtion
अवपात m. avapAta fall
अवपात m. avapAta crash (Aeron.)
आवपति verb 1 Avapati { A- vap } append
आवपति verb 1 Avapati { A- vap } attach
आवपति verb 1 Avapati { A- vap } enclose
आवपति verb 1 Avapati { A- vap } admix
अवपतति verb 1 avapatati { ava- pat } fall down
अवपतति verb 1 avapatati { ava-pat } crash
आवापयति verb caus. AvApayati { A- vap } cut [a hedge]
अवपातयति verb caus. avapAtayati { ava- pat } spill
दण्ड- विधि, साहस- विधि verb caus. daNDa- vidhi, sAhasa- vidhi { ava- pat } cut down
आवाप m. AvApa setting out or arranging vessels
आवाप m. AvApa bracelet
आवाप m. AvApa mixing
आवाप m. AvApa jars
आवाप m. AvApa sowing seed
आवाप m. AvApa casting
आवाप m. AvApa inserting
आवाप m. AvApa kind of drink
आवाप m. AvApa throwing additional ingredients into any mixture in course of preparation
आवाप m. AvApa directing
आवाप m. AvApa insertion
आवाप m. AvApa receptacle
आवाप m. AvApa uneven ground
आवाप m. AvApa hostile purpose
आवाप m. AvApa throwing
आवाप m. AvApa scattering
आवाप m. AvApa basin for water round the root of a tree
आवाप m. AvApa vessel
आवाप m. AvApa intention of going to war
अवपाद m. avapAda falling
अवपाक adj. avapAka having no momentum
आवापक m. AvApaka bracelet of gold
आवापक m. AvApaka bracelet
आवपन n. Avapana hempen cloth
आवापन n. AvApana loom
आवपन n. Avapana throwing
अवपान n. avapAna pond or pool for watering
आवापन n. AvApana implement for weaving
आवपन n. Avapana placing upon
आवपन n. Avapana act of sowing
आवपन n. Avapana vessel
आवपन n. Avapana inserting
अवपन n. avapana not shaving
आवापन n. AvApana loom (weaving)
आवापन n. AvApana reel or frame for winding thread
आवपन n. Avapana capacity
आवपन n. Avapana weaving
आवपन n. Avapana instilling
आवपन n. Avapana scattering
आवपन n. Avapana ewer
आवपन n. Avapana jar
आवपन n. Avapana sowing seed
अवपान n. avapAna drinking
आवपनी f. AvapanI vessel
आवपनी f. AvapanI jar
अवपात m. avapAta descending upon
अवपात m. avapAta flying down
अवपात m. avapAta hole or pit for catching game in
अवपात m. avapAta falling down
अवपात m. avapAta descent
आवपति verb Avapati { Avap } mix with
आवपति verb Avapati { Avap } supply  
आवपति verb Avapati { Avap } pour out
आवपति verb Avapati { Avap } offer
आवपति verb Avapati { Avap } fill up
आवपति verb Avapati { Avap } present
आवपति verb Avapati { Avap } throw or scatter into
आवपति verb Avapati { Avap } afford
आवपति verb 1 Avapati { A- vap } put together
आवपति verb 1 Avapati { A- vap } insert
अवपन्न adj. avapanna fallen down
अवपन्न adj. avapanna that upon which anything has fallen down
अवपातम् ind. avapAtam falling or flying down like
अवपदाति verb avapadAti { avapad } drop from
अवपदाति verb avapadAti { avapad } be deprived of
अवपदाति verb avapadAti { avapad } meet with an accident
अवपदाति verb avapadAti { avapad } fall down
अवपदाति verb avapadAti { avapad } throw down
अवपदाति verb avapadAti { avapad } glide down into
अवपातन n. avapAtana scene during which a person enters the stage in terror but leaves it at the end in good humour
अवपतन n. avapatana falling down
अवपातन n. avapAtana felling
अवपातन n. avapAtana knocking or throwing down
अवपतति verb avapatati { avapat } fly down
अवपटति verb avapaTati { avapaT } split
अवपतति verb avapatati { avapat } jump down
अवपटति verb avapaTati { avapaT } tear into pieces
अवपाटिका f. avapATikA laceration of the prepuce
अवपतित adj. avapatita that upon which anything has fallen down
अवपतित adj. avapatita unclear
अवपतित adj. avapatita fallen down from
आवापयति verb caus. AvApayati { Avap } smooth  
आवापयति verb caus. AvApayati { Avap } shave
आवापयति verb caus. AvApayati { Avap } mix with
अवापयति verb caus. avApayati { avAp } cause to obtain anything
आवापयति verb caus. AvApayati { Avap } comb
अवपाशित adj. avapAzita having a snare laid upon
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