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आवर्ष n. AvarSa Year To Date (YTD) [computer]
आवर्षति verb 1 AvarSati { A- vRS } pour over
आवर्षति verb 1 tr. AvarSati { A- vRS } water [plants]
आवर्ष m. AvarSa pouring
आवर्ष m. AvarSa raining
अवर्षा n. avarSA drought
अवर्ष n. avarSa want of rain
अवर्ष n. avarSa drought
आवर्षते verb AvarSate { AvRS } pour in for one's self
आवर्षति verb AvarSati { AvRS } cover (with arrows)
अवर्षतर्क्ये ind. avarSatarkye when no rain is to be expected
अवर्षतर्क्ये ind. avarSatarkye when the sky is clear
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