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आयोग m. Ayoga commission
संराधन आयोग m. saMrAdhana Ayoga conciliation commission
अयोग adj. ayoga relating to iron
अयोग m. ayoga nonconformity
आयोग m. Ayoga performance of an action
अयोग m. ayoga separation from a lover
आयोग m. Ayoga swarm
आयोग m. Ayoga union
आयोग m. Ayoga action
अयोग m. ayoga exertion
अयोग m. ayoga unsuitableness
आयोग m. Ayoga perfumes
अयोग m. ayoga impossibility
आयोग m. Ayoga yoke or team of draft animals
अयोग m. ayoga separation
आयोग m. Ayoga appointment
अयोग m. ayoga inauspicious conjunction of planets
अयोग m. ayoga inefficacy of a remedy
आयोग m. Ayoga presenting or offering flowers
अयोग m. ayoga medical treatment counter to the symptoms
अयोग m. ayoga disjunction
आयोग m. Ayoga decoration
अयोग m. ayoga mis-application of remedies
आयोग m. Ayoga quay to which boats are attached
अयोग m. ayoga non-application or mis-application of remedies
अयोग m. ayoga unfitness
आयोग m. Ayoga ornament
आयोग m. Ayoga shore or bank
आयोग m. Ayoga connection
अयोग m. ayoga vigorous effort
आयोगव m. Ayogava man of mixed tribe
आयोगवी f. AyogavI woman of this tribe
अयोघन m. ayoghana iron hammer
अयोगक्षेम m. ayogakSema no prosperity and
अयोगक्षेम m. ayogakSema no secure possession of what has been acquired
अयौगपद्य n. ayaugapadya non-contemporaneous existence
अयौगपद्य n. ayaugapadya unsimultaneousness
अयोगपेशल adj. ayogapezala unskilled in emergencies