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असूया f. asUyA jealousy
असूयति verb asUyati { asUya } bear malice to
असूययति verb denom. asUyayati { asUyaya } wish ill to
असूय adj. asUya displeased with
असूय adj. asUya grumbling at
असूया f. asUyA intolerance
असूया f. asUyA indignation
असूय f. asUya displeasure
असूया f. asUyA envy
असूय f. asUya indignation [especially at the merits or the happiness of another]
असूय f. asUya envy
असूया f. asUyA displeasure
असूय f. asUya jealousy
आशुया ind. AzuyA quickly
असूयक adj. asUyaka discontented
असूयक adj. asUyaka displeased
असूयक adj. asUyaka envious
असूयक adj. asUyaka calumnious
असूयति verb asUyati { asUya } displeased or discontented with
असूयति verb asUyati { asUya } be displeased
असूयति verb asUyati { asuya } cause to be displeased
असूयति verb asUyati { asUya } murmur at
असूययति verb caus. asUyayati { asUya } cause to be displeased
असूययति verb denom asUyayati { asUyaya } be discontented with
असूययति verb denom. asUyayati { asuya } irritate
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