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ईषिका f. ISikA elephant's eyeball
इषीका f. iSIkA sort of sugarcane
ईषीका f. ISIkA cane
इषीका f. iSIkA see also izIkA
इषीका f. iSIkA kans grass [Saccharum Spontaneum - Bot.]
ईषिका f. ISikA painter's brush
इषीका f. iSIkA brush
ईषीका f. ISIkA arrow
इषीका f. iSIkA reed
ईषिका f. ISikA weapon
इषीका f. iSIkA small stick of wood or iron
ईषीका f. ISIkA painter's brush or a fibrous stick used as one
इषीका f. iSIkA rush
ईषिका f. ISikA dart or arrow
इषीका f. iSIkA eyeball of an elephant
इषिका f. iSikA brush
ईषीका f. ISIkA ingot-mould
इषीका f. iSIkA stem or stalk of grass used as an arrow
ईषीका f. ISIkA reed
इषीका f. iSIkA see also iSikA
इषिका f. iSikA eyeball of an elephant
ईषीका f. ISIkA dipping rod or something cast into a crucible to examine if the metal it contains is in fusion
इशीका f. izIkA elephant's eyeball
इषीकाञ्जि adj. iSIkAJji having stripes like reeds
इषीकाटवी f. iSIkATavI bed of reeds
इषीकतूल n. iSIkatUla point or upper part of a reed
इषीकातूल n. iSIkAtUla point or upper part of a reed
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