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अनिश्चत adj. anizcata indefinite
अपरिमित adj. aparimita indefinite
अनिर्देश्य adj. anirdezya indefinite
अनन्तकर adj. anantakara magnifying indefinitely
अपरिमितविध adj. aparimitavidha indefinitely multiplied
अपरिमित adj. aparimita either indefinite or unlimited
अपरिमितालिखित adj. aparimitAlikhita having an indefinite number of lines
अनन्तग adj. anantaga going or moving for ever or indefinitely
कथम् ind. katham which give an indefinite sense to the interrogative
लृट् lRT second future or simple future tense - Indefinite futurity, including today [gramm. - Sanskrit]
लुङ् luG aorist - past action indefinitely, without reference to any particular time [gramm. - Sanskrit]
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