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प्राथमिक adj. prAthamika initial
आरम्भक adj. Arambhaka initial
आदिक adj. Adika initial
प्रथमवर्ण m. prathamavarNa initial [first letter]
पुरस्तात् adverb purastAt initially
प्रथमम् adverb prathamam initially
अग्रे adverb loc agre initially
आदौ adverb loc Adau initially
मूल्यम् आरोपयति verb mUlyam Aropayati initialize [computer]
उपक्रमयति verb upakramayati initialize [computer]
पदादि m. padAdi initial sound [gammar]
उपक्रम m. upakrama initialization [computer]
मूल्यारोपण n. mUlyAropaNa initialization [computer]
प्रथमविध्यारोपण n. prathamavidhyAropaNa initial program load (IPL) [computer]
प्रविरोपण n. praviropaNa Initial Program Load (IPL) [computer]
पूर्व adj. pUrva initial
प्रथम adj. prathama initial
मूलसूत्र n. mUlasUtra initial sUtra
प्रतिप्रतीक adj. pratipratIka at each initial word
प्रतिप्रतीकम् ind. pratipratIkam at each initial word
अवग्रह m. avagraha mark of the elision of an initial a
सोमसंस्था f. somasaMsthA basis or initial form of a soma sacrifice
वदन n. vadana initial quantity or term of a progression
वक्त्र n. vaktra initial quantity or first term of a progression
मुख n. mukha first term or initial quantity of a progression
सन्धि m. sandhi euphonic junction of final and initial letters in grammar
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