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महानिर्वाण n. mahAnirvANa great nirvANa
परनिर्वाण n. paranirvANa highest Nirvana [buddh.]
निर्वाणधातु m. nirvANadhAtu region of nirvANa
नैर्वाणिक adj. nairvANika relating to nirvANa
नैर्वाणिक adj. nairvANika where nirvANa takes place
नैर्वाणिकमार्गावतरण n. nairvANikamArgAvataraNa entering the path of nirvANa
अर्हत् m. arhat buddha who is still a candidate for nirvANa
बुद्ध m. buddha fully enlightened man who has achieved perfect knowledge of the truth and thereby is liberated from all existence and before his own attainment of nirvANa reveals the method of obtaining it
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