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मीन m. mIna Pisces [astron.]
झष m. jhaSa sign Pisces
तिमि m. timi sign Pisces
अन्त्यभ n. antyabha sign Pisces
व्याल m. vyAla third in Pisces
मीन m. mIna Pisces zodiacal sign
पृथुरोमयुग्म n. pRthuromayugma zodiacal sign Pisces
द्व्यात्मक m. dvyAtmaka Sagittarius and Pisces
गुरुगृह n. gurugRha signs Sagittarius and Pisces
व्यालवर्ग m. vyAlavarga two first in Cancer and in Scorpio and the third in Pisces