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ऋषि m. RSi singer of ancient hymns
एक ऋषि m. eka RSi only or chief RSi
देव ऋषि m. deva RSi RSi among the gods
स ऋषिक adj. sa RSika together with the RSis
काण्ड ऋषि m. kANDa RSi RSi of a particular kANDa of the veda
वंश ऋषि m. vaMza RSi RSi mentioned in a vaMzabrAhmaNa
यथ ऋषि ind. yatha RSi according to the RSi
श्रुत ऋषि adj. zruta RSi having famous RSis
सप्त ऋषिवत् adj. sapta RSivat attended by the 7 RSis
स ऋषिराजन्य adj. sa RSirAjanya together with the royal RSis
ऋषि m. RSi men
ऋषि m. RSi anchorite
ऋषि m. RSi seer
ऋषि m. RSi ray of light
ऋषि m. RSi asuras
ऋषि m. RSi sage
ऋषि m. RSi seventh of the eight degrees of Brahmans
ऋषि m. RSi singer of sacred hymns
ऋषि m. RSi seven RSis
ऋषि m. RSi hymn or mantra composed by a RSi
ऋषि m. RSi inspired poet or sage
ऋषि m. RSi saint or sanctified sage in general
ऋषि m. RSi moon
ऋषि m. RSi occupying the same position in India history as the heroes and patriarchs of other countries
ऋषि m. RSi ascetic
ऋषि m. RSi common carp fish [Cyprinus - Zoo.]
ऋषि m. RSi imaginary circle
ऋषिका f. RSikA wife of an inferior RSi
ऋषिक m. RSika RSi of lower degree
ऋषीक m. RSIka species of grass
ऋषिकृत् adj. RSikRt enlightening
ऋषिकृत् adj. RSikRt inspiring
ऋषिकृत् adj. RSikRt causing to see
ऋषिषह् adj. RSiSah overcoming the RSi
ऋषीवत् adj. RSIvat associated with the RSis
ऋषिवत् ind. RSivat like a RSi
ऋषिदेश m. RSideza country inhabited by the RSis
ऋषिद्विष् adj. RSidviS hating the RSis
ऋषिगण m. RSigaNa company or number of sages
ऋषिगण m. RSigaNa host of patriarchal sages
ऋषिलोक m. RSiloka world of the RSis
ऋषिषाण adj. RSiSANa presented or offered by the RSis
ऋषिवाट m. RSivATa hermitage of RSis
ऋषिकल्प adj. RSikalpa almost a sage
ऋषिकल्प m. RSikalpa sixth of the eight degrees of Brahmans
ऋषिकल्प m. RSikalpa almost a RSi
ऋषिकल्प m. RSikalpa similar to a RSi
ऋषिकुल्या f. RSikulyA river of the RSis
ऋषिकुल्या f. RSikulyA sacred river
ऋषिमनस् adj. RSimanas of far-seeing or enlightened mind
ऋषिमुख n. RSimukha beginning of a RSi or hymn
ऋषिपुत्र m. RSiputra son of a RSi
ऋषिस्तोम m. RSistoma particular sacrifice
ऋषिष्टुत adj. RSiSTuta praised by the RSis
ऋषिस्वर adj. RSisvara praised by RSis
ऋषियज्ञ m. RSiyajJa sacrifice to the RSis i.e. study of the veda
ऋषिबन्धु adj. RSibandhu related to the RSis
ऋषिकुमार m. RSikumAra young sage
ऋषिप्रोक्ता f. RSiproktA kind of leguminous plant shrub used in traditional medicine [Glycine Debilis - Bot.]
सर्प ऋषि m. sarpa RSi serpent-RSi
ऋषिपञ्चमी f. RSipaJcamI fifth day in the light half of the month bhAdrapada
ऋषिपुत्रक m. RSiputraka common wormwood [Artemisia Vulgaris - Bot.]
ऋषिसाह्वय n. RSisAhvaya name of the forest RSipatana
ऋषिसंहिता f. RSisaMhitA saMhitA of the RSis
ऋषिसत्तम m. RSisattama best or most excellent of the sages
ऋषिश्राद्ध n. RSizrAddha figurative expression for insignificant acts which are preceded by great preparations
ऋषिप्रशिष्ट adj. RSipraziSTa instructed by the RSis
ऋषिस्वाध्याय m. RSisvAdhyAya repetition of the veda
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