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संस्कृतात् ऋते गीतायाः मूलार्थः न ज्ञायते sent. saMskRtAt Rte gItAyAH mUlArthaH na jJAyate without Sanskrit one cannot know the meaning of the Bhagavad Gita
ऋते ind. Rte excepting
ऋते ind. Rte besides
ऋते ind. Rte unless
ऋते ind. Rte under pain of
ऋते ind. Rte with the exclusion of
ऋते indecl. lo Rte except
ऋते indecl. lo Rte without
ऋतेजा adj. RtejA produced or come forth at the time of sacrifice
ऋतेन ind. Rtena properly
ऋतेन ind. Rtena regularly
ऋतेन ind. Rtena lawfully
ऋतेन ind. Rtena right
ऋतेन ind. Rtena according to usage or right
ऋतेन ind. Rtena duly
ऋतेमूल adj. RtemUla without roots
ऋतेस्फ्य adj. Rtesphya without the sphya
ऋतेभङ्ग adj. RtebhaGga without separation
ऋतेकर्मम् ind. Rtekarmam during the rain
ऋतेकर्मम् ind. Rtekarmam without work
ऋतेकर्मम् ind. Rtekarmam while pours down rain
ऋतेरक्षस् adj. RterakSas performed with exclusion of the Rakshases
ऋतेयज्ञम् ind. RteyajJam outside the sacrifice
ऋतेबर्हिष्क adj. RtebarhiSka without the formula on the barhis
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