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सद्गुण adj. sadguNa virtuous
षड्गुण adj. SaDguNa six times
सद्गुण adj. sadguNa having good quality
षड्गुण adj. SaDguNa sixfold
सद्गुण m. sadguNa virtue
षड्गुण m. SaDguNa six excellencies or advantages
षड्गुण m. SaDguNa six acts or measures to be practised by a king in warfare
सद्गुण m. sadguNa good quality
षड्गुण m. SaDguNa qualities perceived by the five senses and manas
षड्गुण n. SaDguNa having six excellencies or advantages
षड्गुण n. SaDguNa assemblage of six qualities or properties
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