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षष्ट adj. SaSTa sixtieth
षष्ट adj. SaSTa consisting of sixty
साष्ट adj. sASTa with eight
साष्ट adj. sASTa plus eight
साष्ट adj. sASTa increased by eight
शस्त adj. zasta approved
शस्त adj. zasta happy
शस्त adj. zasta cut down
शस्त adj. zasta recited repeated
शस्त adj. zasta commended
शस्त adj. zasta praised
शस्त adj. zasta fortunate
शस्त adj. zasta beautiful
शस्त adj. zasta auspicious
शस्त adj. zasta killed
शस्त adj. zasta slaughtered
शस्त n. zasta happiness
शस्त n. zasta praise
शस्त n. zasta excellence
शस्त n. zasta eulogy
शास्त ppp. zAsta taught
षाष्ठ adj. SASTha sixth
षाष्ठ adj. SASTha taught in the sixth
षष्ठ m. SaSTha sixth letter i.e. the vowel I
षष्ठ n. SaSTha sixth part
षष्ठ num. adj. SaSTha { sastha } sixth
सस्तर m. sastara having leaves strewn so as to form a bed
षष्ठम् n. SaSTham sixth
शस्तक n. zastaka defence for the finger of an archer
शस्तता f. zastatA excellence
साष्टङ्ग adj. sASTaGga performed with eight limbs or members
षष्ठादि adj. SaSThAdi beginning with the sixth letter i.e. with the vowel I
षष्ठक adj. SaSThaka sixth
षष्ठम adj. SaSThama sixth
षष्ठमी f. SaSThamI sixth day of a lunar fortnight
सस्थान adj. sasthAna occupying the same position as
सस्थान adj. sasthAna produced in the same part of the mouth or with the same organ as
शस्तव्य adj. zastavya to be recited or praised
साष्टङ्गम् ind. sASTaGgam with the above prostration
सास्तरण adj. sAstaraNa together with a carpet or rug
षष्ठांश m. SaSThAMza sixth part
षष्ठांश m. SaSThAMza amount of tax or of grain taken in kind by a king
षष्ठान्न n. SaSThAnna sixth meal
सस्थावन् adj. sasthAvan standing or fixed together
षष्ठकाल m. SaSThakAla sixth meal-time
षष्ठाह्निक adj. SaSThAhnika corresponding to the sixth day
शस्तकेशक adj. zastakezaka having excellent or beautiful hair
षष्ठभक्त adj. SaSThabhakta taking only the sixth meal
षष्ठभक्त n. SaSThabhakta sixth meal
साष्टङ्गपातम् ind. sASTaGgapAtam making the above prostration
सस्थण्डिलक adj. sasthaNDilaka with the sacrificial places
षष्ठान्नकाल n. SaSThAnnakAla eating only at the time of the sixth meal
षष्ठांशवृत्ति m. SaSThAMzavRtti king who subsists on the 6th part of the produce of the soil ed
षष्ठान्नकालता f. SaSThAnnakAlatA eating only at the time of the sixth meal
सस्थाणुजङ्गम adj. sasthANujaGgama along with immovables and movables
षष्ठः, -ठी, -ठ n. SaSThaH, -ThI, -Tha sixth
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